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saturday stare #11

“Did you say walkie?”

As one can see, Issi is looking a bit hairier than usual (careful choice of word, so as not to insult the little lady). It has been a long winter, a big thaw, melt and now we are getting lots of rain….which means mud, mud, mud and more mud. White and mud mixed with rain and dirt = a grayish hue of hairy beauty. Plus, an extra thick winter coat and a few extra under coats = a plumper ball of pooch. What does this all mean? A trip to the stylist…..this Monday!!!!

*on a personal note: Isabelle’s mom was out of town for a week and then returned to a very hectic office. Her time here has been very limited to almost non-existent. Isabelle will make certain that mommy posts her words and pictures and, of course, log her stares.


March 30, 2019 at 12:43 pm 5 comments

saturday stare #10

Can’t you see I am TRYING to get my beauty sleep……MOMMY?

mommy and daddy try to leave Issi alone, but she makes it so difficult…………. she is just too darn cute.

March 16, 2019 at 12:37 pm 9 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy




“i wish I could…”



Sydnee Pee has many ‘looks’.  The one above, I believe, is the “I am dreaming” look.  What is she dreaming?  What is it she sees that I cannot?  Is she dreaming of running with other puppies?  Is she dreaming of visiting her daddy in heaven?  Is she dreaming of rolling in a tub of boneys and eating herself silly?  I do not know.  What do you think?



October 10, 2014 at 4:44 pm 15 comments

summer hangin’



may the sunbeams dance

upon your golden hair


your senses rejoice amongst

the wafting summer air ~




under the table

hanging with mommy under a table at McD’s while waiting for Peyton


game of checkers

anyone up for a game of checkers?



mommy gots coffee and i gots water


July 25, 2014 at 6:35 pm 8 comments

Weekly Pet Challenge – Bed Piggy Pee



The Big Bad Boom Booms came to visit last night…


photo 5



photo 3(1)

a more ‘enlightened photo’ – can you see where mommy kinda, may possiblydoesn’t, wishes she could sleep????


It’s all good.  No worries.  Sydnee Pee did not lose a wink of beauty sleep.  Not a one.



June 17, 2014 at 11:32 am 5 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra, Extra




Who is the driver behind the wheel of that truck?


This photo was totally unplanned – I was walking around the truck and saw Sydnee’s reflection in the mirror.  I had my I-phone, so on a whim, I quickly snapped the photo.  It wasn’t until I loaded it on my computer that I noticed a second reflection.  What is so interesting about it, is the seemingly different expressions.  From one shot, I got two photos and I must say more – extra – bang (pardon the pun) for my buck!


June 13, 2014 at 4:32 pm 33 comments


polka dots twinkling

under a vast dark canvas

a floating thumb nail

five legs quietly traipsing

before the day awakens

a post script:

Kimberly = 2 legs

Sydnee Pee = 3 legs

Total: 5 legs traipsing

September 4, 2013 at 4:26 pm 10 comments

it’s 3 am

the winds are high…

the flash is bright…

the boom is loud…

it is the middle of the night.


the rain is pounding…

‘a’ paw slams down,

two eyes are peering –

she is panting loud.


i try to pretend

i am fast asleep


my guilt kicks in


gets the best of me.



i hoist her up

let her have her way –

where upon my bed

in the middle she does lay.


it’s 3 am


i am wide awake

as the princess drifts off…


dreams her mind


New Image

post script: i love my little girl. she is my daughter, one of my babies and the chocolate to my chocolate chip cookie but sharing a bed with a bed piggy is not working for me. two nights in a row of the big bad boom booms are wreaking havoc on my sleep!

June 26, 2013 at 5:31 pm 29 comments

a quikie of sorts

Hi y’all –

I have really missed all of you. I wanted to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the planet – yet ……………

Here is the scoop:

I have spent the past 4 days moving. With the exception of the big items being moved by guys with muscles, it has been me – and Pee tagging alongside. The boys were available for approximately 7 hours, for the entire weekend. Let’s just say that the ex was unwilling to agree to a total weekend switch, plus Jordan is neck-deep in AP review sessions for his exams scheduled next week & there was this thing called an NFL draft on Thursday night. Let me just say, the boys spent more time discussing who was going where and what team was getting what……. instead of packing.

The furniture was moved yesterday and last night was spent at the new place. Everything is a mammoth disorganized mess. It did not start out that way, but with time waning and deadlines approaching, many items were placed into boxes totally unrelated to each other. I found toiletries with the dishes and managed to misplace the container (they all look the same) with my sheets and pillows. I, however, did not misplace Sydnee’s couch, blanket and pillow – yes, I do have my priorities straight. By the way, she slept on the floor next to my bed, which is not set up – mattress and box spring are on the bedroom floor.

There are still a few items to move – plants, drapes, a bike and condiments in the fridge. There is a cornucopia of barbecue sauces, Indian curries, mustards, steak sauces, jams – my boys are quite the foodies. I also have a huge stack of records – the vinyl/LP kind – that I am unable to part with and a host of dust bunnies to eradicate. In summary, I still have a lot of work to do – in the next 12 hours!!

As I stated, the new house is a disaster – boxes everywhere, most of which are on the bottom floor. The townhouse is three stories, so all I do is go up and down stairs. I do enjoy the exercise, but my ‘old’ dancer knees, hips and lower back are not having a good time. My arms are sore – especially the one packing metal. In addition to a clingy and confused Pee, Tylenol has become my constant companion. My body aches, including my pinkie fingers, but I am looking at this as a way to jump-start my leg conditioning. There are quite a few trails in the neighborhood calling out my name – “Kimberly, come run on me…..”.

My wi-fi/cable will be connected tomorrow, so currently my home computer is unavailable for use. When this gets resolved, I will be back to reading and writing. My I-phone has internet capability, but the 3G connection is awfully slowwwwww. I tried perusing my reader last night, but it took too long and I was drifting in and out of conscientious.

I have a few more hours of work to accomplish, then off to complete my exodus. By the way, as I was loading my car yesterday, the big bulldozers arrived and began tearing down ‘my house’ next door. I was hoping to avoid seeing this, but it did not work out the way I intended. Talk about heartbreaking……

Before I curtsy and exit, I would like to say thanks to everyone for reading and checking in on me – this means more than you will ever know:) I will return soon………. I promise.

hugs from Kimberly


licks from Sydnee Pee

scenes from the past few days

vroom vroom

new neighborhood

moving is exhausting

moving is exhausting



so sad.

April 30, 2013 at 3:36 pm 17 comments

look at me…….

Today has been a long day.  Lots of memories, packing and sneezing.  Spring is definitely here – my sinuses can certainly attest to that.  I have been going through boxes, weeding out items and then re-packing – all so wonderfully fascinating (not!).  I did, however, find a few gems that I forgot about – most notably more of Jordan’s poetry.  Let me say that they are quite amusing.  One is a rap song.  I am thinking he may have been trying to channel Kanye or Jay-Z.  The other is a re-write of the song ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ from the musical Grease.  The latter is the one I am going to share with you this evening. (No worries, I did ask permission:)

Jordan re-wrote the song with the exception of the second verse, so I would recommend reading what he wrote, watch the youtube video and then try singing the song to the video.  It is actually pretty good!

Look At Me, I’m Sydnee Pee

by Jordan

Look at me, I’m Sydnee Pee,

I have legs, but only three,

Won’t go to bed ’til I’m thoroughly fed,

I can’t, I’m Sydnee Pee!

When I drink,

it’s loud,

water gets in my hair

stand near when I do and you’ll get wet – ech, ech, ech.

I’ll use my paws to go through your drawers

if you get me really mad.

I’ll make you pick up my poo,

we dogs don’t use a loo.

I have eye crust and my walks are a must

I’m just plain Sydnee Pee!

Daddy!  Mommy!  Please save me!

Keep those fireworks far from me!

I’m not a fool, and I drink like a mule!

Hey, I’m Sydnee Pee.

Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee


Oh, in case you do not know who Sydnee Pee is-

I miss you

April 24, 2013 at 2:22 am 24 comments

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