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december’s past


music from my youth

unleashing a flood of dreams

ten years of my life





December 15, 2014 at 1:30 pm 6 comments

a pas de deux

The tears of a rhapsody

glide slowly along the strings of a violin


He stands…

a single vision

under a dimly lit spot light

He waits…

for an essence of grace

to float by and awaken his spirit

He feels…

the melody

breathing life into his limbs

He hears…

the whisper of satin pointes wafting

from behind

He sees…

gossamer fingers embrace his hand


She leads…

him forth into a world which transcends reality.


April 30, 2014 at 3:25 pm 16 comments

a little cheat sheet

Hello everyone!

It is a Saturday afternoon and I am spending my day hanging out with my boys and Pee.  We slept in, then went to the grocery store.  Peyton and I are cooking this weekend.  We enjoy collaborating in the kitchen and since our new abode has a much larger kitchen, we are a little less – much less cramped.  While Peyton and I cook, Jordan does what Jordan does (we are never quite certain, exactly) and Syd is following one of us around.  When I am not cooking, cleaning and hanging out, I am trying to get caught up on my WP duties.  With that in mind, I wanted to write an addendum to my last post ‘4 + 1 = a tribute’.

Before I go into detail regarding this series of tanka and haiku, I would like to say that the theatre is truly my first love.  I grew up in the thick of the performing arts.  It was the first 22 years of my life and even now – more than twenty years after the fact – my heart still longs for those days when life was full of rehearsals, sweat, music, hairspray, bobby pins …..  I really can go on forever…..

‘4 + 1 = a tribute’ was written as an homage to those who live their lives in the spotlight and behind the curtain.  Many of the metaphors derive from terminology used in the theatre.  After I wrote this, I realized that some of my words and phrases could get lost in translation, so I decided to write a little cheat sheet.  I believe that most of what has been written can be realized, but for those tricky passages, I have included the meaning written under the actual text of the poem.

Here it is –

lights dim to darkness

euphonious ritual

musician’s tuning their instruments

audience settles

conductor stands to silence

sound enraptured, comes alive

nervous energy

painted faces, hair secured

makeup on faces and hair (or wigs, head pieces) secured for performing

many hooks and eyes

the source in which dance costumes (tutus) are kept fastened while on the body

lines extend with points sharpened

dancers stretching and pointe shoes prepared

transformation is complete

boom lurks high above

the lights which hang above and on the side of the stage

wings wide, anticipating

the curtains along the side of the stage, where the dancer stands before making an entrance or run through as exiting the stage

a hovering arch

the proscenium arch – the part of the theatre in front of the stage

strong hands waiting for their cues

the stage hands backstage who move the sets and curtains

rope pulled, red velvet rises

in older theatres, the curtain is raised and lowered by pulling a rope

butterflies play hard

the nervous  ‘butterflies’ in one’s stomach

pulse and rhythm become one

the heart beat reacting – catching up when the music begins

enrobed in bright light

stepping out onto the stage under the lights and in the spotlight

floating with grace and beauty


a curtsey completes the view

the bow at the end of the performance

a single light bulb

the ghost light

shines amidst the dark cavern

placed on center stage, whereas the auditorium is dark

until tomorrow

The ghost light is an electric light that is left illuminating on the stage (typically center stage) – after the theatre is emptied and everyone has gone home.  The practical use is for safety.  No one wants to fall into the orchestra pit or walk into a set piece or collide into a heavy curtain or the lighting console.

There is also the superstition (the performing arts has a lot of superstitions) which gives the ghost light its name.  This single light is left on the stage to appease the ghosts – the ghosts of performances past – so they may be provided with light in which to perform on the stage.  No one wants an angry ghost – happy ghosts are necessary for a well run theatre!

Well, I must return to the kitchen and complete my task.  Thank you for reading and until I return –

Happy writing, happy reading and happy day!

May 25, 2013 at 11:47 pm 12 comments

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