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Weekly Pet Challenge – On the road with Pee









“Do I really have to sit here? Really?


boo hoo

“I am very woe right now, mommy.  Very woe.  I do not like this…I feel like a sardine, whatever a sardine may be…”



“Finally, I have my space…back.  I am a Pee and a Pee needs her back seet!”


On rare occasions, it happens.  ‘It’ meaning Pee must sit in the front seat.  She does not like the front seat.  She enjoys it for stationary observation purposes but not as a mode of transport.  The bucket seats are not comfortable and she cannot stretch her legs and she cannot get her beauty sleep and, well… she is quite simply not a happy lady.

On this particular day, Peyton required the space afforded by the back seat – he had to change out of soccer clothes into his work uniform.  I had to remodel Sydnee Pee’s lair into a dressing room.  Now, I can assure you that Pee was not displaced for very long – 45 minutes at the most.  When I dropped Peyton off at work, I remodeled and within minutes, there was snoozing…

All was well that ends well while on the road with Sydnee Pee.



August 12, 2014 at 12:14 pm 18 comments

Weekly Pet Challenge – Mommy’s foot stool



Saturday morning on the porch with Mommy

pee 2

Those hairy ‘hammy’s make for a comfortable stool.



“I feel like I am being used…it really should be the other way around…”


Pee 3

“I am just waiting for something…just….waiting…..”


A typical Saturday morning with my coffee, my I-pad, my Pee…

(note: who is that hairy beast on my pad?)




June 10, 2014 at 11:27 am 16 comments

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