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Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself




“Pardon? You said what?”


The most expressive person I know lives in my house.  I speak, she listens and she has an expression for everything I say and do.  I made the mistake of saying the ‘G’ word – or let me clarify a variation of the ‘G’ word.  She knows them all.

“Mommy needs to GET off the couch”.



January 23, 2015 at 6:20 pm 15 comments

Weekly Pet Challenge – yes, at it again….


Incident report:  October 17, 2014, approximately 2:30pm



downstairs bathroom: one possibly two torn tissues


pee 2

“Excuse me Miss – what did you do in the powder room?”  “Please look at Mommy….”


pee 3

“Why are you smiling…have you nothing to say for yourself?”


What you do not see is big Pee (Sydnee’s brother Peyton) saying…”Ahhhh, she is just a little puppy.  Sydnee Pee is just trying to speak her mind….”

Mommy has one thing to say – “Really?”



October 21, 2014 at 12:20 pm 12 comments

Wee Words Wednesday – forlorned…


was here,

now gone.

i miss him,






a quick visit…


October 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm 8 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy




“i wish I could…”



Sydnee Pee has many ‘looks’.  The one above, I believe, is the “I am dreaming” look.  What is she dreaming?  What is it she sees that I cannot?  Is she dreaming of running with other puppies?  Is she dreaming of visiting her daddy in heaven?  Is she dreaming of rolling in a tub of boneys and eating herself silly?  I do not know.  What do you think?



October 10, 2014 at 4:44 pm 15 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


A street in NW Burbs of Illinois…


walking gitchy

last walk before heading to school

This is ‘the street’.  Syd’s street.  We spend a lot of time walking, talking, sniffing and barking along this street.  On the north side is a farm and on the south side are houses and a pond.  I took this photo last autumn because this was Sydnee Pee and Jordan’s last walk before Jordan left for college.  I remember thinking that my Pnut has grown up and life would never be the same again…

March 28, 2014 at 5:10 pm 35 comments

Weekly Pet Challenge – pillow or cushion?

Pee’s Tail Pillow

tail pillow

early afternoon


Pee’s Chin Cushion

New Image

same day – in the evening

Beauty and function!

Got a pet?  Got an animal?  Know an animal?  See any animals around?  Click a pic and come play with us!

November 12, 2013 at 1:05 pm 16 comments

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round 2

Monday Night Football…..

Cincy Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Guess who we ROOT for?

bengal's pee

What is mommy doing to me?

post script:  Week 2 of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge has Sydnee Pee modeling a pair of Bengal ears (a little somethin’ I picked up from a game a few years back).  Let me just say, after almost 8 years of placing interesting items on Pee’s head – bunny ears, assorted hats, reindeer antlers, doo rag and a turkey leg – Pee is ‘accepting’ of head decorations.   Not thrilled, but accepting:)

Please check out Michelle’s blog

Join in on the fun….

September 18, 2013 at 12:27 pm 10 comments

Saturday with Syd and stuff

The three faces of Sydnee Pee

pee 1

pee 2

pee 3

all pictures taken within a 5 minute period and presented in order

And stuff….

Hello – I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Saturday and a Happy Labor Day weekend to my fellow Americans.  Pee and I are home alone this weekend.  We have not much planned – I have begun writing the mother of all award thank you blogs.  I have the usual house cleaning and I also have lots of writing to create for my company’s website.  There will also be some biking on the trainer and running.

Jordan is away at school.  He lives in a residence hall where everyone majors in a form of mass communications.  He is the only underclassmen on his floor and shares a room with a sophomore, who is majoring in photography.  He is adapting well, sounds great but tired.  Keeping very busy, getting use to a college schedule (going to bed after midnight), likes his roommate, has made some friends and is already scheduled to start filming!  He will be working on the university’s cable news program and sports events – yes, college football!

Peyton, as you already know, has begun his sophomore year, soccer and driver’s ed.  He made the JV (junior varsity) soccer team, which for a sophomore, is quite an honor.  He is, of course, the low man on the totem pole, but he is getting his butt kicked – no pun intended – and loving every minute of it.  He is also digging the driving thing.  I am certain this was obvious by his huge smile in the picture I took of him behind the wheel for the first time.  I can tell he is missing Jordan and I can tell Jordan misses him.  Apparently, Jordan texts his lunch and dinner menu everyday.  Oy!  Speaking of food, Peyton and I are going to be co-creating a blog.  We hope to begin next weekend (we have been waiting for life to settle a bit).  We have the concept and the site. I will let you know when we are up and running….

Sydnee is forlorn.  The week after Jordan left was bad.  She did not eat, had a lot of stomach distress and slept on his bed.  When Peyton is here she lights up – when he leaves, she looks like the end of the world has arrived.  I am doing my best to keep her at ease.  She may be a dog, but she is my daughter and her brothers’ sister and she is having to adapt just like us.

I need to skidaddle, but before I do, I will leave you with some pretty cool photos taken last night at a soccer game which did not happen.  Enjoy:)

Game time – 4:30pm

south sky

sky to the south 4:35pm

storm coming

sky to the west taken at 4:35pm

storm scales

northern sky taken at 4:35pm

Looked like fish scales.

storm poofs

sky overhead taken at 4:40pm

taking Peyton home

taking Peyton to dad’s at 5pm

There were huge wind gusts, blowing leaves, breaking and falling tree branches.

driving home

driving due west at 5:10pm

Due to rush hour traffic, I inched-wormed it home, so I was able to take photographs when I was not white knuckling the steering wheel.  The wind was pushing my car sideways.

driving home 2

driving due west at 5:25pm

There was marble sized hail.


home at 5:45pm – FINALLY.

August 31, 2013 at 2:56 pm 14 comments

look at me…….

Today has been a long day.  Lots of memories, packing and sneezing.  Spring is definitely here – my sinuses can certainly attest to that.  I have been going through boxes, weeding out items and then re-packing – all so wonderfully fascinating (not!).  I did, however, find a few gems that I forgot about – most notably more of Jordan’s poetry.  Let me say that they are quite amusing.  One is a rap song.  I am thinking he may have been trying to channel Kanye or Jay-Z.  The other is a re-write of the song ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ from the musical Grease.  The latter is the one I am going to share with you this evening. (No worries, I did ask permission:)

Jordan re-wrote the song with the exception of the second verse, so I would recommend reading what he wrote, watch the youtube video and then try singing the song to the video.  It is actually pretty good!

Look At Me, I’m Sydnee Pee

by Jordan

Look at me, I’m Sydnee Pee,

I have legs, but only three,

Won’t go to bed ’til I’m thoroughly fed,

I can’t, I’m Sydnee Pee!

When I drink,

it’s loud,

water gets in my hair

stand near when I do and you’ll get wet – ech, ech, ech.

I’ll use my paws to go through your drawers

if you get me really mad.

I’ll make you pick up my poo,

we dogs don’t use a loo.

I have eye crust and my walks are a must

I’m just plain Sydnee Pee!

Daddy!  Mommy!  Please save me!

Keep those fireworks far from me!

I’m not a fool, and I drink like a mule!

Hey, I’m Sydnee Pee.

Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee


Oh, in case you do not know who Sydnee Pee is-

I miss you

April 24, 2013 at 2:22 am 24 comments

hapPee saturday

a photograph can reveal so much –

a person, place, or thing

a moment captured

frozen in time

for all the world to see!

with the advent of the camera phone,

taking a picture has become common place.

a person can snap a photo at anytime –

grab the phone & voila….

Pee’s face!

looking at Jordan

looking at Jordan

playing school bus….

looking at Peyton

looking at Peyton

she loves her brothers!!

April 6, 2013 at 6:30 pm 15 comments

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