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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week 4 of Sydnee Pee

Sydnee Pee

Sydnee Pee on the porch at our old house.

This past week I have been dealing with a prima donna.  Syd has not wanted her picture taken.  Each time I have made an effort I have received a cold shoulder or an evil eyed profile in return.  If she could speak human, I believe it would be  – “Mommy, get that *#@**#@* camera away from me”.  I, in turn, would respond “Sydnee Pee watch your mouth – go to your couch!”  Then she would say “Fine.  I need my beauty rest anyway”.  Yes, a prima donna!

Since my daughter went on a bit of a camera strike, I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures – most taken at work.  Maybe next week I can coax her to be more forthcoming:)

Can you see Syd?

Can you see Syd?

Sydnee spent almost 8 years coming to work with her daddy, then just me.  She is now retired from her position of Director of Security.

In the truck with Daddy

In the truck with Daddy.

can we go yet??

The evil eye!

Sleeping on daddy's gym bag

Sleeping on daddy’s gym bag.


The schnooper:)

And lastly…..

I miss you

Please join in on the fun.  Only requirement is a camera and an animal! 

Check Michelle’s site:

Till next week……

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