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The Tech Guy!



he may lead the big parade ~

sew a snap on Scooby Doo


need to change out a sound board in a flash ~


most of the time he is doing what he loves~~~~~~~~

filming, editing






peek a boo!



so serious…


Introducing…my son… Jordan!

the Film/Media Tech extraordinaire

at Six Flags Great America


he is sooo official:)




July 29, 2014 at 5:00 pm 11 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic

A Relic within a Relic

The Relic


the view looking northwest

relic 1

the view looking east

The Relic within a Relic

relic 2

the new and the old

relic 3

old screen, new sign, new ivy, old ivy, deceased ivy

I hope I am not cheating for this week’s photo challenge.  I typically choose one photo, but this week I simply could not resist…

 I live a few miles from one of the last drive-in theatres in the Chicagoland area.  I will even be as bold to say that this is one of the last few drive-in theatres in the US of A.  The McHenry Outdoor Theatre has been around for a very long time – built in 1955 – and in this day and age of the Cineplex, indoor theatres which can show over 30 films on over 30 different screens at any given time, this relic within a relic is extremely rare.

When I was a child growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, going to the drive-in was common place.  There was nothing more exciting than playing on the swing set at the foot of the screen, eating popcorn and Snowcaps in the front seat of the car, while wrapped up in my favorite blanket and hugging my stuffed animal.  Now, I do the same thing but I drive the car.  The boys and I make a picnic dinner, bring the folding chairs, tiny table, blankets and pillows.  By the middle of the movie, we are snuggled in the hatchback of the car, lying on our stomachs under blankets stuffing Junior Mints and Milkduds in our mouths.

The McHenry Outdoor Theatre truly signifies a past that no longer exists, but a past that still lingers for many of us and a future for some of us who still love going to the drive-in.



July 12, 2014 at 1:52 pm 9 comments

words from “excited editing”


From the words of Jordan…

Sunday, 1:30am


“STARTING to wrap up a late night of editing…


you may think me crazy

with this mad look in my eye,

hair all disheveled because of earphones


unshaven for weeks.


i will admit i have these moments –

as i edit my work,


i spin around in my chair –


stare into space to collect my thoughts.


i may start to cry


they are tears of joy


i am finally seeing a film come together.


I have a rough cut now –

of about 1/3 of my film


when i look at it

i get goosebumps.


i will finish on monday,

after making credits


color corrections


until i am done,

it is just me


my computer.


have a good day tomorrow


i suppose it’s already TODAY!”




a little note from the editing room













April 27, 2014 at 4:03 pm 17 comments

my film guy

Hello my bloggerbuddies!

I hope y’all are having a nice weekend.  I am home with my boys and Sydnee Pee.  It has been a long week of working, driving, cooking (that would be Peyton), working, driving…..and my son – the recent graduate and new member of the working force. This was also his first full week of employment – media technician (one of only two) for Six Flags Amusement Park.

Due to his work schedule and mine, I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch his video assignments from school.  I must say – yes, I am biased – that he is very talented.  He has an eye and a way of seeing things, matching things – editing.  He had the opportunity this year to take a film editing class at school and was able to work with incredible equipment and editing programs.  It was a really awesome experience and one that I believe will serve him well when he goes away to school in the fall.  {A little background – double majoring in business and movie production – wants to make movies when he is ‘grown up’}.

A few months ago I posted his movie trailer assignment – to make an anti-genre movie trailer.  Take a movie and change the genre of the movie  – such as drama to comedy.


Today I am introducing my son’s music video.  A few items – he began this project back in January and finished it just as school was ending a few weeks ago.  (A little Terrence Malick going on, maybe….).  He has his own film production company intro (recognize the music and the name of his company?).  Also, he recommends watching this in wide-screen.

Without further adieu –


Curtains rise….

Please see the URL below – I am unable to get this link to work  (my techhie inability).  You can copy and paste the below URL:

June 15, 2013 at 9:43 pm 27 comments

my movie man

Every year, when Oscar season comes knocking on the door, I start thinking about what I might wear—— someday.  I realize I may be jumping the gun quite a bit, but I figure it is never too early to plan.  Right?  I have already nailed down my date, so the only thing left to secure is the wardrobe.  BUT, there is one teensy problem, well a little bigger than teensy – the specific year, the movie and, of course, there is that small detail, most notably – the nomination.   Hey!!  All in good time!

My son Jordan, the aspiring movie director, has been mentioned in many a blog written by me, his dutiful mom, of whom he assures he will be taking to his first Oscar ceremony.   I have been told that I am and will be his first choice of accompaniment.  I realize that I should get this in writing, notarized and, yes, get an attorney’s approval.   No worries, I will.

Jordan graduates high school in a few months and will head off to college where he will be majoring in movie production and business.  I cannot wait to see what he creates and where his imagination and dreams will take him.  He may be out of sight – away from my watchful eyes, but I will be forever his biggest fan and supporter.

So without further ado, and a little help from a fellow blogger (and awesome poet),  I have attached Jordan’s media assignment from last semester.  The criteria – take a film trailer, change the genre, thus in turn creating a different trailer.  He chose the comedy Fun with Dick and Jane – the one which starred Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni – and morphed it into a drama.  He added different music, different effects, edited the film; rearranged the entire piece.  I have attached both trailers below. #1 is the comedy, #2 is the drama.  Enjoy!



COMING SOON:  An assignment involving a music video.  This is the only information I have been given 🙂

February 19, 2013 at 12:37 am 11 comments

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