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The day…after the day of the watch and roll…..

It was a very long day.
A long day indeed.
A day to remember.
A day in which the Patriots
rolled into first place
Stevenson Patriots in Lincolnshire, IL

December 7, 2014 at 4:58 pm 10 comments

status update: a guy, a movie, a beard


left side – kinda


right side


left side – full

Well today is the day – the film is complete and being submitted this morning and then it is placed into the hands of the faculty.   He is a very tired young man and he is swamped with work.  (After all, he is in college – a double major of, not just film, but business.)  His school year is winding down… he will be home next weekend…then he gets his wisdom teeth pulled!

I must say, I am liking the editing beard.  I told him that his face is now hairier than Pee’s!  I wonder what she will think?

May 1, 2014 at 12:56 pm 9 comments

a quickie Howdy Doo

Howdy Doo Y’all –

I wanted to let you in on a little excitement!  I am very thrilled and I am about to burst……. Jordan is coming home this weekend!!!!!!  In less than two days…..

He is taking the bus home on Friday afternoon. I pick him up at night around 10ish.  He will be here through Monday and busing it back to campus on Tuesday.  Monday is Columbus Day (this is a national holiday in the USofA) and school takes a mid-term break.  He is primarily here to work at the amusement park – Six Flags Great America – where he labored this past summer.  They have a big Halloween thingamajig where they decorate the park with scary ghouls, add a few haunted houses and several dozen ‘extra employees’ to walk around the park in makeup and costume.  Their ghoul – oops, meant goal – is to scare the pants off the park patrons.  My son will be amidst all of the activity with a camera – video taping the ‘going’s on’.

Jordan will be staying with Pee and I.  Peyton will be out-of-town with his dad and step mom, visiting his step sister at her university.  I am not certain what Pee will do.  I am planning on taking her vroom in the car to pick him up.  If I know my girl, she will cry, and give him lots of kisses.  She will then give him the cold shoulder (he is the one that left her) and when all is said and done, she will be honky dory.  (Translation:  He takes her for a walk, gives her a boney, some tum tum and she gets first dibs on ‘her’ side of ‘her’ bed.).  I have not seen Jordan since mid-August, the longest I have ever been parted from either of one my children.  We have texted, emailed and Skyped, but I have not been able to hug him and this I miss terribly.  I am hoping I do not squeeze him to bits:)

On a separate, yet related note, I realize I have been a bit distant on my reader. For the past three weeks, I have been preparing for the momentous arrival, which means I have been cooking.  I made chili, chicken soup, Buffalo Mac & Cheese (his 3 faves), pulled pork carnitas and pumpkin oatmeal.  I have had my trusty assistant tasting, I mean assisting – Peyton – who has indulged in all of the goodies.  My freezer is filled to the brim.

I really have no big plans for the weekend except spend every second I can with Jordan – that is when he is not working.  When he is working, I will be cooking – I still need to make my meatloaf, turkey burgers and granola.  I will also shop for whatever it is he needs to take back to school.

I will keep in touch – I have so much on my mind – much to write.  I will also take photos!  I can’t help but wonder if Jordan has grown a bit more. (I grew an inch my freshman year in college.)  I can tell already he has matured some, BUT I can bet all of his new-found maturity will be left at school – he is coming to stay with mom so why bother bringing it home?

Until I type again…….which will be soon……. Kimberly xx

oh – here are a few pics….


my chili

Peyt and chili

Peyton eating chili
a four-way bean chili
(it’s a Cincinnati thing…)

chix soup

chicken soup with egg noodles
& parsnips, carrots, celery


state of the freezer
pre-carnitas storage


a moping Pee on ‘her’ couch
with a tugtug (old sock), blankey & pillow

October 10, 2013 at 8:47 pm 20 comments

Saturday with Syd and stuff

The three faces of Sydnee Pee

pee 1

pee 2

pee 3

all pictures taken within a 5 minute period and presented in order

And stuff….

Hello – I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Saturday and a Happy Labor Day weekend to my fellow Americans.  Pee and I are home alone this weekend.  We have not much planned – I have begun writing the mother of all award thank you blogs.  I have the usual house cleaning and I also have lots of writing to create for my company’s website.  There will also be some biking on the trainer and running.

Jordan is away at school.  He lives in a residence hall where everyone majors in a form of mass communications.  He is the only underclassmen on his floor and shares a room with a sophomore, who is majoring in photography.  He is adapting well, sounds great but tired.  Keeping very busy, getting use to a college schedule (going to bed after midnight), likes his roommate, has made some friends and is already scheduled to start filming!  He will be working on the university’s cable news program and sports events – yes, college football!

Peyton, as you already know, has begun his sophomore year, soccer and driver’s ed.  He made the JV (junior varsity) soccer team, which for a sophomore, is quite an honor.  He is, of course, the low man on the totem pole, but he is getting his butt kicked – no pun intended – and loving every minute of it.  He is also digging the driving thing.  I am certain this was obvious by his huge smile in the picture I took of him behind the wheel for the first time.  I can tell he is missing Jordan and I can tell Jordan misses him.  Apparently, Jordan texts his lunch and dinner menu everyday.  Oy!  Speaking of food, Peyton and I are going to be co-creating a blog.  We hope to begin next weekend (we have been waiting for life to settle a bit).  We have the concept and the site. I will let you know when we are up and running….

Sydnee is forlorn.  The week after Jordan left was bad.  She did not eat, had a lot of stomach distress and slept on his bed.  When Peyton is here she lights up – when he leaves, she looks like the end of the world has arrived.  I am doing my best to keep her at ease.  She may be a dog, but she is my daughter and her brothers’ sister and she is having to adapt just like us.

I need to skidaddle, but before I do, I will leave you with some pretty cool photos taken last night at a soccer game which did not happen.  Enjoy:)

Game time – 4:30pm

south sky

sky to the south 4:35pm

storm coming

sky to the west taken at 4:35pm

storm scales

northern sky taken at 4:35pm

Looked like fish scales.

storm poofs

sky overhead taken at 4:40pm

taking Peyton home

taking Peyton to dad’s at 5pm

There were huge wind gusts, blowing leaves, breaking and falling tree branches.

driving home

driving due west at 5:10pm

Due to rush hour traffic, I inched-wormed it home, so I was able to take photographs when I was not white knuckling the steering wheel.  The wind was pushing my car sideways.

driving home 2

driving due west at 5:25pm

There was marble sized hail.


home at 5:45pm – FINALLY.

August 31, 2013 at 2:56 pm 14 comments


Hi  –

I just wanted to say hello and let y’all know that I have not disappeared from this planet.  I have been spending my last week with the boys – Peyton went to his dad’s last night.  He is off to Columbia, MO to see the University of Missouri’s campus while his dad and step-mom take his step sister to school.  Now it is Jordan and myself (and the Pee, of course).

Pnut leaves for Southern Illinois University on Thursday.  Fortunately, he is not working today or tomorrow, so we are just spending time ‘hanging’ out.  I am cooking a few of his favorite dishes, we are going through clothes, walking Pee and just being together.

I am doing my best to conceal my emotions – fortunately I can hide in the bathroom – and I am taking a quick timeout to check on my WP friends.  I have so many posts to read, comments to answer and award acceptances to write – in time, I promise.  Also, I want to let you in on a little something that Peyton and I are ‘cooking’ up’.  {We are collaborating on a joint venture – a blog:)  This will be unveiled in a few weeks and he and I promise to give y’all a heads up.}

So, I had better go – I miss all of my friends and will be home soon…..


Kimberly  xx

August 10, 2013 at 7:48 pm 18 comments

howdy from app land

Greetings everyone – from my iPhone. I wanted to throw out a quick hello and to say I am a bit indisposed at the moment, but I am here. It seems that Dell’s virus has gotten worse, so tomorrow he is going to visit a techie dude, who will hopefully – please cross all of your digits (and eyes 😉 – fix the problem.

In the meantime I have my phone, which is rather inefficient. Sometimes I can ‘like’, but not comment. Sometimes I comment but cannot ‘like’. And the reader – well, do not get me started. Oodles of posts are missing. The boys are out of town, so ‘no Peyton’s iPad’ for me to mooch off of and work, well, work is work, so I can sneak a post sometimes but rarely.

I have been writing – lots – and I have been slow cooking an awards post which will make ‘Moby Dick’ look like a short story. I really miss y’all and cannot wait to get back home. I should be back up and running in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy your writing and reading and the summer.

Here are a few smooches – xx from me.
and a few licks from Pee – the canine desk.


July 15, 2013 at 9:23 pm 27 comments

pooter has a bug

strange occurrences


mixed signals – self controlling


my Dell needs a doc

Yes, my pc has a bug of some sort. My computer specialists – aka my boys – have tried to remedy the problem, but the issue has gotten worse.  So, I am relegated to the use of my work computer, my son’s school issued i-pad (which sticks to him like glue) and my i-phone, which, if you have utilized the WP app on a smart phone, know is a pain in the butt!  (WP peeps – are you listening/reading????) I am getting the ailing pooter fixed in the next day or two … I will be in touch … I promise … I miss y’all …
(Clarification – Peyton starts back to school in August and the school has already issued brand new i-pad 3’s to all freshman and sophomores.  Lucky dude I know, but I lose a kid and gain a pooter lump – aka a kid who cannot bear to part with their technology!)

July 9, 2013 at 11:06 am 22 comments

a quikie howdy

Hello My Friends –

I am still here!  This is the first time I have logged onto WP since Friday – and, though two days may not seem like a whole lot of time, it is for me.  Here is a quick recap:

I had the boys all weekend, managed a lot of unpacking, sorting, organizing, cleaning, laundry and even indulged in some cooking.  Peyton made Spaghetti-O ravioli – from scratch!!  Jordan had an AP review session and completed a lot of work-study at home.  The ‘office’ is full of boxes and such, but I carved out a niche for the desk, pooter and a chair.  Sydnee Pee was more than elated to have her brothers around.  She seemed to get a bit confused as to who to follow, who to hang out with or where to sit.  We went shopping for food and cleaning supplies and organized the garage in order for the car to ‘now’ fit comfortably.  I can officially state for the record that “we are now moved in to our new abode”.

We did check out the ‘hood.  The boys wanted to explore the food establishments around town and see where the nearest grocery stores were located.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

I still had to make one more trip to our old house – I somehow forgot an entire shelf of cooking supplies in the kitchen!  I was in shock to discover that I was with out my olive oil – yikes.  I felt naked.  Fortunately, the new owner was nice to leave our oils and pasta on the front porch – sitting on the swing.  (I stopped by last night after I took the boys to their dad’s – they did not or ever want to see our old houses, in particular, the one that no longer stands.)

My world is still a bit unsettled, but tonight I have a hot date with my computer and all of you.  I have missed everyone greatly.  I find myself thinking about all of you, wondering what you are writing about and what interesting things you may be experiencing – I cannot wait to get caught up!

Till tonight –

Kimberly xx

sitting in my mom's old chair -  is this the new couch?

sitting in my mom’s old chair –
can this be the new couch?

May 6, 2013 at 6:16 pm 14 comments

a quikie of sorts

Hi y’all –

I have really missed all of you. I wanted to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the planet – yet ……………

Here is the scoop:

I have spent the past 4 days moving. With the exception of the big items being moved by guys with muscles, it has been me – and Pee tagging alongside. The boys were available for approximately 7 hours, for the entire weekend. Let’s just say that the ex was unwilling to agree to a total weekend switch, plus Jordan is neck-deep in AP review sessions for his exams scheduled next week & there was this thing called an NFL draft on Thursday night. Let me just say, the boys spent more time discussing who was going where and what team was getting what……. instead of packing.

The furniture was moved yesterday and last night was spent at the new place. Everything is a mammoth disorganized mess. It did not start out that way, but with time waning and deadlines approaching, many items were placed into boxes totally unrelated to each other. I found toiletries with the dishes and managed to misplace the container (they all look the same) with my sheets and pillows. I, however, did not misplace Sydnee’s couch, blanket and pillow – yes, I do have my priorities straight. By the way, she slept on the floor next to my bed, which is not set up – mattress and box spring are on the bedroom floor.

There are still a few items to move – plants, drapes, a bike and condiments in the fridge. There is a cornucopia of barbecue sauces, Indian curries, mustards, steak sauces, jams – my boys are quite the foodies. I also have a huge stack of records – the vinyl/LP kind – that I am unable to part with and a host of dust bunnies to eradicate. In summary, I still have a lot of work to do – in the next 12 hours!!

As I stated, the new house is a disaster – boxes everywhere, most of which are on the bottom floor. The townhouse is three stories, so all I do is go up and down stairs. I do enjoy the exercise, but my ‘old’ dancer knees, hips and lower back are not having a good time. My arms are sore – especially the one packing metal. In addition to a clingy and confused Pee, Tylenol has become my constant companion. My body aches, including my pinkie fingers, but I am looking at this as a way to jump-start my leg conditioning. There are quite a few trails in the neighborhood calling out my name – “Kimberly, come run on me…..”.

My wi-fi/cable will be connected tomorrow, so currently my home computer is unavailable for use. When this gets resolved, I will be back to reading and writing. My I-phone has internet capability, but the 3G connection is awfully slowwwwww. I tried perusing my reader last night, but it took too long and I was drifting in and out of conscientious.

I have a few more hours of work to accomplish, then off to complete my exodus. By the way, as I was loading my car yesterday, the big bulldozers arrived and began tearing down ‘my house’ next door. I was hoping to avoid seeing this, but it did not work out the way I intended. Talk about heartbreaking……

Before I curtsy and exit, I would like to say thanks to everyone for reading and checking in on me – this means more than you will ever know:) I will return soon………. I promise.

hugs from Kimberly


licks from Sydnee Pee

scenes from the past few days

vroom vroom

new neighborhood

moving is exhausting

moving is exhausting



so sad.

April 30, 2013 at 3:36 pm 17 comments

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