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Weekly Pet Challenge – Unhappee/Happee Sydnee Pee


the evening of July 4, 2014



Not happy. Not one bit. Nope.


unhappy 2

Using mommy as a head and leg rest.


morning of July 5, 2014



The day after – resting calmly on the center of the bed.


evening of July 6, 2014



All is well in Pee’s world tonight!


Yes, it was a very long July 4th weekend in Lakemoor, IL.

Lakemoor is centrally located to several communities – all of which put on firework displays & our abode is about two miles from – ground zero – where the Lakemoor extravaganza is shot off & has the reputation amongst the these communities to have the most awesome 4th of July display!  So, Friday began with miscellaneous salvos being set off – the kind that shook the many pieces of art hanging on my walls.  This of course, culminated with the big event. On Saturday night there were fireworks in the neighboring communities.

OH! Let us not forget, there are always those in the subdivision who feel the need to set ‘something’ off – something loud that comes out of nowhere, that freaks out an already highly sensitive and emotional young lady.  Bottom line – Sydnee Pee was very unhappy.  She followed me everywhere, including the my bathroom and did not eat.  Getting her to go outside was like playing Russian roulette.  All was good but there was this one time… one big boom and she was running the 50 yard dash back to the house.

On Sunday night the boys came home.  Sydnee was beside herself.  She was so happy and the boys were so happy and mommy was so happy.  Everyone was so happy!




July 8, 2014 at 1:39 pm 16 comments

Happy 4th!

hamburgers, hot dogs and barbeque

amongst many salads, chips and s’mores.

there is much on this holiday’s menu;

today’s tastings should not ∼

could not be



there are gatherings of all shapes and sizes ∼

not your typical 24 hour day.

it is one in which we celebrate a special birth ∼

our guest of honor ∼

the US of A.

though this is a day of feasting and fun,

let’s not lose sight of all we have lost;

those who fought hard for our independence ∼

the valiant who paid the ultimate cost.

whether you live in my country or do not,

i wish all of you a wonderful Friday.

the weekend is almost upon us

so enjoy some fun


go out



July 4, 2014 at 4:19 pm 19 comments

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