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The Tech Guy!



he may lead the big parade ~

sew a snap on Scooby Doo


need to change out a sound board in a flash ~


most of the time he is doing what he loves~~~~~~~~

filming, editing






peek a boo!



so serious…


Introducing…my son… Jordan!

the Film/Media Tech extraordinaire

at Six Flags Great America


he is sooo official:)




July 29, 2014 at 5:00 pm 11 comments

howdy from app land

Greetings everyone – from my iPhone. I wanted to throw out a quick hello and to say I am a bit indisposed at the moment, but I am here. It seems that Dell’s virus has gotten worse, so tomorrow he is going to visit a techie dude, who will hopefully – please cross all of your digits (and eyes 😉 – fix the problem.

In the meantime I have my phone, which is rather inefficient. Sometimes I can ‘like’, but not comment. Sometimes I comment but cannot ‘like’. And the reader – well, do not get me started. Oodles of posts are missing. The boys are out of town, so ‘no Peyton’s iPad’ for me to mooch off of and work, well, work is work, so I can sneak a post sometimes but rarely.

I have been writing – lots – and I have been slow cooking an awards post which will make ‘Moby Dick’ look like a short story. I really miss y’all and cannot wait to get back home. I should be back up and running in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy your writing and reading and the summer.

Here are a few smooches – xx from me.
and a few licks from Pee – the canine desk.


July 15, 2013 at 9:23 pm 27 comments

pooter has a bug

strange occurrences


mixed signals – self controlling


my Dell needs a doc

Yes, my pc has a bug of some sort. My computer specialists – aka my boys – have tried to remedy the problem, but the issue has gotten worse.  So, I am relegated to the use of my work computer, my son’s school issued i-pad (which sticks to him like glue) and my i-phone, which, if you have utilized the WP app on a smart phone, know is a pain in the butt!  (WP peeps – are you listening/reading????) I am getting the ailing pooter fixed in the next day or two … I will be in touch … I promise … I miss y’all …
(Clarification – Peyton starts back to school in August and the school has already issued brand new i-pad 3’s to all freshman and sophomores.  Lucky dude I know, but I lose a kid and gain a pooter lump – aka a kid who cannot bear to part with their technology!)

July 9, 2013 at 11:06 am 22 comments

App’phobia’, App’tabulous’, App’tastic’, App’osis’,….

Gee, I can go on and on…. YES, I am about to blog about apps. Before I begin, let me just say that my knowledge of apps is somewhat limited. If you, the reader, is thinking that I am going to discuss the technical aspect of apps, or shall I say web-based applications, or discuss some ground breaking app that has just graced the always-present and ever-growing smart phone population, then you may want to ‘click’ somewhere else. But, if you care to read a few personal thoughts on apps, then please, grab a seat and take a moment to read my ramblings.

Let me begin by saying that I have become a bit of an app’curious’ person. I find this quite astonishing due to the fact that I have always considered myself a bit deficient when it comes to technology. I mean some people are on the forefront – they jump at any and every opportunity to get the latest technological wonder – me, I am on the backside. I do not jump – instead – creep crawl. For example: I typically take a few years to catch up to purchasing ‘the newest and coolest goods’. My first i-Pod was the second generation Nano. I purchased a cell phone with a camera about 3 years after the first one made it’s ‘flash’ debut, and it took a few years of kid begging to get me to break down and purchase a dvd player. Actually, I think that may have had something to do with the fact that VHS tapes were rapidly disappearing from the face of the planet. Oh, one other thing, I finally purchased a digital camera after I noticed that getting the canister of film developed was no longer a possibility. The only reason why I purchased my first smart phone – the Blackberry in 2009, is because my cell phone battery was losing it’s ability to re-charge and there was an increasing demand at work for internet access outside of the office. (Yes, I have a desktop, not a laptop:) It took me a few months to learn the ins and outs of how to use the basic features of the phone. I managed with some help from my boys and a lot of trial and error. When it came to web-based applications, I kept a healthy distance. I say healthy distance, because anything involving a computer or slightly resembling a computer scares the pants off of me. This all changed, however, when I purchased the i-Phone. Yes – I broke the typical ‘being-on-the-backside’ mold and I managed to let go of the ‘technophobe behavior’ and bought the i-Phone – when it debuted! (The astonishment almost knocked the pants off of my boys!)

Let me say, however, that consideration to purchase an i-Phone was not an overnight decision. I actually believed that the whole ‘i’ thing was a bit kooky. Everyone I saw with an i-Phone was physically and/or psychologically attached to it. I say physical, because it was always in their hands, pockets; anywhere they went – the phone went. I even teased a few of my friends who had i-Phones. I must say that I feel bad about this – especially in regards to one particular person. I enjoyed poking fun at him, especially when it came to his fascination with apps. I personally could not ‘see’ or understand what all of the hoopla was about. To me they seemed like an extension of a video game. A few months earlier, my younger son purchased his i-Pod Touch. What I saw with him was this incessant need to play games and connect with his friends via Facebook, Skype, and IM. This is what I observed – not just with him, but with other kids, as well. It began with the basic video games, then moved on to the basic portable games and then, well, need I say anything more? This is what turned me off, because I have never been a fan of gaming, due to what I have seen – kids and adults totally oblivious to the world and the people around them; the only thing that matters or makes a difference is a game or the ‘next’ level or a score. Yes, I agree, this may sound a bit convoluted. I do understand that there is some validity and worth in ‘gaming’, but to be honest, I feel there needs to be a set of parameters. Sometimes, the ‘i’ gizmo, computer or texting device must be put away.

So, where do apps fit into this scenario? After I purchased my i-Phone, I was anxious to use the GPS on the phone for training. At this particular time, I had my sights set on completing a half marathon. I wanted to obtain a more accurate measurement of my distance and split times. Not long after I acquainted myself with the GPS feature, I discovered the App Store. Ahhhh…..the day I stumbled into the App Store was the day I fell in to state of ‘appiness’. A whole new world opened its door to me…. with a tap on the touch screen…. I discovered this really cool running app that was a combination GPS and training manual. I found my trail, the distance, mph, calories burned, and heart rates – target, highest, lowest and resting. I found the Weather Channel app – gotta know what the weather is right?? I found a dictionary, thesaurus, recipes, calorie counters, daytimers, and updates on nearby traffic. I found apps that could identify a song on the radio, where the nearest movie theatre is located, trailhead, park, and the closest taco establishment. I re-discovered the New York Times, NPR and Google features that I never knew existed. Geewizickers, I could go on and on…. A matter of fact, my newest acquisition is the PBS app. I have always been a fan of public television, but ‘life’ has not made it convenient to sit and watch the ‘tube’. Now, I can see what is on the schedule, set my phone to text me an alert, and watch an actual show such as ‘Great Performances’ or ‘Mystery’. And let’s not forget ‘The Antiques Roadshow’….. Oh, and did I mention singing along with the Glee cast on a karaoke app – alongside someone in India???

Sometimes, I find myself lying in bed at night scrolling through the App Store, looking for a hidden treasure that will make me giddy with delight and perk up my daily life experience. Sometimes I just check in to see the newest arrivals on the app front. I cannot say that I am app’addicted’ – I have ‘no way’ near the number of apps that some people collect. I have approximately 60 apps and I use every single one. I like to think of my apps as purposeful, due to the fact that I need them for some sort of life function – driving, writing, training, cooking, banking, and so on. I also like to refer to them as educational tools. I like to expand my mind on varying subjects such as the cosmos, classic books, the ‘word of the day’ on the Dictionary app or anything else that may suit my fancy.

I will say that I have allowed my boys to download one game app on my phone. It is an app that requires some scientific know-how in order to play. Yes, I know, I am a dull mom but the youngest still has that i-Ipod touch and it is loaded with games. So if they feel ‘the need to play a game’, they can use his ‘i’ gizmo. If they need to know the coordinates of the nearest geocache, how to spell factotum or what movie won the Oscar in 1965 for Best Picture, then they can palm my ‘i’ gizmo. By the way, the answer is on the Oscar app – ‘The Sound of Music’.

Okay, I suppose I will wrap up this blog with an admission – a confession – Yes, my first impression of the i-Phone and its ‘app’ability was wrong. I apologize for my teasing and wish everyone an ‘app’tacular experience – because, to be perfectly honest, I have shed some of my tech fears, understand the hoopla and have become an ‘app’kooky person myself!

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