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the box office is open

My world is a stage.
My life is a play.
I am only one of many characters,
performing under lights and from the wings.

I am the director, composer,
choreographer, stage hand - 
but mostly, I am the playwright 
whose talents create the spoken words;
the story for all to see.

My plays vary in genre,
there is not one that I prefer,
however, it is the tragic drama
that has been headlining - 
this particular theater's playbill.

Ask anyone who knows me, 
I can create so much more - 
a comedy, a mystery,
a hoofer's musical galore!

But no matter what the script reveals,
the performances are sincere,
with a cast full of talent - 
who will make you laugh or shed a tear.

If the urge for culture should tempt you,
there is an evening performance tonight at 8,
the 'director' refuses to hold the curtain, 
you had better not be late!

1986 - Backstage with wig & make up.  Costume - not yet.

Let me entertain you………..


February 13, 2013 at 9:18 pm 12 comments

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