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a Saturday with Syd

Headed to the gym:

Sleeping on a gym bag

headed home from the gym –


it was a really tough workout.

A hard day

“I really must get my 23 hours of beauty sleep a day.”


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Finally –

 – a good training run and I am so relieved!!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I just recently purchased new running shoes and to add insult to injury (pardon the injury reference) I changed brands.  I really did not want to, but I had no other choice.  I have worn these shoes for approximately 3 weeks and I like them but it wasn’t until today’s run in which they felt like an extension of my appendages.  In other words, they felt like they were truly a part of my foot.  With this said, everything else about my run was perfect.  My rhythm, breathing, heart rate and leg muscles – they all felt as if they were singing a song in perfect pitch and unison.

I was so excited to run this evening.  The weather looked ‘iffy’ and since I had to cancel my run the day before because of storms, I really did not want to have to do it again.  I started to panic a little because I did not want to stray too far from my program.  It is one of those ‘exercise type A’ personality things that makes you feel guilty if you do not do what you are supposed to do, but on the other hand, you know that there are some things that you have no control over and you just have to accept the situation for what it is and deal with it.  In the grand scheme of things, the ‘stressing over’ the state of affairs such as running is so silly.  Why does one do it?

When I was three and a half years old, my mother took me to my first ballet class.  My teacher was this rather large, robust woman who immigrated from Germany during World War 2.  She carried a wooden dowel that she would tap on the ground for rhythm, slap our derrieres and press into our spines to correct posture and slap our fingers so that we did not grasp the dance barre too tight.  She spoke with a very thick German accent and she was strict.  There was a softness to her nature, but one would only experience this briefly when she was content with our execution of technique.  What else can I say, but that she was a disciplinarian who demanded the best we could accomplish and if she felt that it was not, made it clear that we had to work harder and that nothing less but perfect was acceptable.  Yes, I was barely four years old – yes, I was afraid – yes, I did what I was told –  yes, I loved to dance.  By the time I was six, I was taking ballet classes everyday except Sundays. (At 8, I was dancing everyday.)

You know, it is funny that these memories are flooding back right now because I just realized the anniversary date of my first ballet class – September 15th, 1968 – 42 years ago.  I loved going to my dance studio.  For me it was heaven, a refuge from home which was not the most desirable place to be.  I loved the music and the movement and I could transport my mind into another world where everything was beautiful and free and calm.  It was not difficult for me to adhere to a strict dance class schedule.  We were taught that ‘practice makes perfect’ and that dance class is a dancer’s lifeline – one must take class everyday without fail.  If you were sick, you danced.  If you were injured, you danced (within reason, of course).  If you had a ton of homework, you danced.  If you had conflicting functions, dance overruled and you danced.  AHA!  Makes sense does it not?  Now it is easy to see how someone can stress over a deviation in a training program.

I am laughing right now because of the absurdity of it all.  When I was a kid I never thought my life would be without a dance barre, point shoes and the stage.  To me, a disciplined, structured life was normal.  As I got older, things changed – obviously.  I danced for 20 years, then stopped.  Life changes came bouncing out from all corners of my existence, and now at the age of 45 I find myself still thinking that ‘practice makes perfect’ – except I am training for a half marathon – not for the perfect triple pirouette (of which, by the way, I can still execute quite nicely:)

The phrase ‘old baggage’ came up in some correspondence recently and now I am thinking that reminiscing about the past is like dragging old baggage out of the attic.  Yes, I suppose it is, but for some reason, my first dance teacher popped into my head.  Anneliese left quite an impression on a little girl many years ago and I have to say that I am grateful.  Will I drag the old baggage back into the attic?  I will certainly try, but, you know, practice does make us close to perfect – because there is no such thing as perfection.  If I have learned anything from my post-ballet life, perfection does not exist.  Striving to be perfect may make us stronger, but it can make us a bit loony in the process.  Being loony is not all that bad – if anything it makes us human, which is perfect!

Began Wednesday 9/22

Completed Thursday 9/23

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Week 6

Today is Wednesday August 25, and as one can see, I have been a bit negligent in the writing department.  In my defense, let me say that I have been busy – getting out of work late, then getting home late, then workouts run later and now, the sun is resting earlier in the evening.  In other words, I have not been able to get my butt in front of the computer to type.  Here is a synopsis of the last three days:

On Monday I rowed for 20 minutes.  This is all the time I had due to the fact I got out of work late and had to teach a class.  I could have gotten an extra 10 minutes of rowing or lifting in, but I was interrupted by a couple of members at my fitness facility.  This is a common hazard of working out in one’s fitness club of employment:(  Its okay, though, I enjoy talking to members, especially those I have known for years.

Tuesday was the first run of the week.  It was a beautiful evening – no humidity, no bugs, a little breeze, sunshine – perfect.  I ran 40 minutes and it was a good 40 minutes.  I must say, though, that my legs were tired.  I believe this fatigue to be a result of Saturday’s 10 mile run (and the bike ride the next day, that should have not be taken – there is a reason why one should take a day off after a hard workout:)  Here are the stats:

HR monitor – 40:05, 313 calories, average 150 bpm, max 160 bpm, recovery heart rate 30 beats

GPS – 40:18, 3.84 miles, 10:26 min/mile pace, 340 calories

This evening I rode my hybrid on the trail – 56:37 to be exact.  According to the HR monitor I burned 320 calories with an average heart rate of 124 and a max of 148.  I did, however, take two breaks during my ride – to take a picture of a great blue heron and 3 sleeping white swans.  Sounds silly I know, but it was an unusual sight to behold.  The great blue heron allowed me to get very close, which is something I have never been able to do.  I took several pictures and I even had a conversation with this majestic bird (no, the bird did not respond).

The weather was perfect – again.  No humidity, a stronger breeze than yesterday and a huge, full moon.  So, on this note, I am going to end this entry.  I have some reading to do and a porch swing that has my name on it.  Till tomorrow………..

August 25th

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Week 5 – the long run

As the title states, today was the long run of the week – 10 miles. Let me just say first and foremost, this was the longest run that I have completed since Ironman in the fall of 2006. It was, without a doubt, a doozy.

Before I go into detail about the what, where and how, I must first say that is was one hell of a humid day, temperature was in the 80’s and it was overcast. The sun poked out a few times and there was an occasional breeze, but the humidity was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Believe it or not, I chose to run out-of-town again – same place as last week and the weather here was better than the weather back home. If I stayed in my neck of the woods, it would have been raining. So, I traded in the rain for gloppy, thick humidity!!! Seriously, though, I also got some hills thrown into the bargain – which is a good thing.

I parked in the exact location as last week and I had all of my usual gear, except this time I added one more flask, a total of three.  I, also, included diluted Gatorade to one of the flasks, due to the humidity. I figured with the amount of sweating that was inevitably going to occur, my body could use the added sugar and electrolytes.  (My foresight was a perfect bullseye!).  My run began exactly at 10:30am. There was the usual stream of cyclists, walkers, runners, a skate boarder and a baby turtle – no wild turkeys this time:)

Here are the stats:

HR monitor:  2:00:15, 932 calories, avg. bpm 149, max bpm 159 (I just discovered how to get the average bpm info on monitor!)

GPS:  2:00:00, 10 miles, 12.01 min/mile pace, 675 calories (GPS does not take into account heart rate info for caloric expenditure)

Humidity was in the high 80% range

I am very pleased with this run.  It was a challenge, especially the last mile, or 10-15 minutes.  In retrospect, I have noticed that the last mile of each long run has been a real push – last week it was mile 8, this week was mile 9.  I must be nudging the envelope with each long run, because my tolerance is increasing.  The mental faculty is certainly present.  What I am finding distracting is the physical ouches (I do not want to use the word pain).  Quite plainly, my knees get sore.

Because of the humidity, I started the 10:1 run/walk ratio at the 40 minute mark.  By the time I reached the first 30 minutes, I was dripping sweat and feeling a little queasy. This is when I took my first hydration break, in which the water/Gatorade totally hit the spot.  My heart rate managed to stay low – except on the hills.  I found this to be a bit surprising due to the humidity, but this must have been a testament to the fact that I made myself run at a slower pace. When I finished the loop, at 1:12:30, I stopped at my car and replenished my flasks.  This took a little longer than a minute – 2:30 to be exact, but it was okay:)

When my 10 miles was complete, I walked back to my car – about 1/10th of a mile.  I was soaking wet.  My shorts were dripping, my shoes were sloshing, and my skin was stinging from the heat and salt of my sweat.  I toweled off and drove to a friend’s house, who decided that he wanted to go for a run!  Normally I would have jumped at the opportunity to run with him, but instead I opted for walking.  This was a good idea, because the movement flushed a lot of the lactic acid out of my muscles and loosened up the legs quite a bit.  This bonus walk also kept my legs from twitching and aching in the middle of the night.  (This is what happened last week:(  )

Sunday was an off day, but I did ride my bike!  I took it easy, laid off the hills and enjoyed the scenery.  My legs were tired, but they were NOT incapacitated!  It was a beautiful day – no humidity, lots of sunshine – and I really wanted to take advantage of one of the last days of summer & this is exactly what I did:)

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finished – 8/23

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running with my son – 2nd run of 5th week

Second run of the week took place yesterday with my younger son, Peyton.  The agenda was to run 40 minutes and the plan was to run 20 out, turn around, walk 1 minute and run 20 back.  It did not quite work out that way, but it was (and is) okay.  I will begin with stats:

HR monitor:  45:03 (1 minute of walking at turn around), 317 calories, mid 140 bpm entire run

GPS:  45:16, 3.94 miles, 11:19/minute pace, 382 calories

Now for details –

Peyton has not run with me since the beginning of the summer and it has been a few weeks since his soccer camps commenced.  I knew from the ‘get go’ that he would not be in peak running shape.  Also, it looks like he grew – again – and he was a bit tired since he is back on his school schedule.  Add all of these variables up and a chocolate milkshake and, well, let’s just say ‘CRAMP’.  He started out strong, but then somewhere around the 12 minute mark, the dreaded cramp began.  So, I continued running, but I kept a constant eye on him as he walked/ran behind me.  I adjusted my pace, which is a first, because usually my boys are running in front of me and I am lagging behind.  After the turn around, I had to backtrack a few times.  It seems that I was a little too far ahead, so I would turn around to run to him, turn around and run forward, and so on and so on.

I had a great run – even though it was not the ‘focused second training run of the week’ – I still enjoyed myself. Running with my boys is awesome.  I am constantly amazed at how rapidly they are becoming ‘men’.  Peyton looked like a carbon copy of me, as he wore my running hat and one of my running shirts.  Also, of my two boys, he is the one who looks the most like me.  Jordan is a miniature copy of his dad.  By the way, the high school sophomore had to stay home because he had homework:(

Today is Friday and I am most probably taking this as an ‘off day’.  The boys are with their dad this weekend, so it will be just me and my need to exercise.  Tomorrow I run 10 miles and I am planning a bike ride on Sunday. I am also thinking apple picking!  The weather is supposed to be pleasant, which will be a treat considering the summer is quickly coming to a close.   

Friday, August 20th

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Running Update – week 5

Today is Wednesday – a cross training day.  I am not sure what I will be doing later – biking or rowing – but I will make a determination as soon as later rolls around.  For now, however, I will get caught up on the events from the past few days.

Monday was a cross training day and with it came a relaxing bike ride with my two boys.  Relaxing in the fact that I was not looking to kick butt on wheels.  I left all of the gear at home – there was no need to check heart rates, time or mileage, even though I already knew the distance to be approximately 10 miles.  The weather was beautiful.  The humidity disappeared, the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze.  Jordan commented that it felt like an autumn evening and I must say that it did, indeed.  Peyton saw a deer and was followed by several voracious mosquitos.  Jordan was a bit whiny, due to the fact that he was (and still is) experiencing back to school blues.  Jordan’s whining made Peyton whine and me – I tuned out the whining and enjoyed my ride:)  Oops, I almost forgot -the boys located a geochache!

Yesterday was my first run of the week.  On the menu – a 40 minute run.  Here are the stats:

GPS stats:  time was 40:37, 3.85 miles, 10:26 min/mile pace, 343 calories

HR monitor stats:  time was 40:35, 295 calories, RHR was 30 beats per minute

peak bpm was 148!  Most of the run saw a 138 to 144-147 bpm heart rate

So, as one can gather by perusing the stats above, this run was pretty good.   The weather was a carbon copy of Monday night, except it was overcast with a cooler breeze and a teensy bit more humid.  The bugs were out in gargantuan numbers and leaves were falling from the trees.  It really was a beautiful night and believe it or not, I was practically by myself on the trail.  I saw, maybe, a total of two cyclists, one other runner, and several hawks flying high above the prairie section.

I felt physically strong, but I noticed that my perceived exertion was different from what my heart rate monitor was revealing.  Normally, I feel less stressed with a higher heart rate, but last night was the opposite.  My breathing was labored, yet my heart rate was barely in the high 130’s!  I am thinking that my allergies/asthma had something to do with this.  My trail contains a cesspool of mold spores and other ‘things’ that my body frowns upon when experiencing the great outdoors towards the beginning of autumn.  I took a squirt of my inhaler and this remedied the situation.

I really do not have much else to say, except I am enjoying my training program immensely!

Logged:  Wednesday, August 18th

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Week 4 – Long Run

Today is a Saturday and I finished the fourth week of my half marathon program with a nine mile run. It was quite a splendid experience and I have much to say, so here I go…

First off, I chose to go out-of-town for this workout. The weather back home had been pretty crappy – poor air quality, abnormally high humidity, ‘more than the typical number of mosquitos’ at this time of year and, well, it has been plain gross. I could have run back home, but rain was forecasted all day and I just needed a little change of scenery. Plus, I had a few items to pick up for my boys, which I was able to do in my out-of-town destination. I have run this course before, back in week one. It was the 6 mile course that looped around a lake. It is actually quite a beautiful course and it is 6.2 miles to be exact. The course also moves along through an Arboretum and alongside a zoo! The running surface is, for the most part, asphalt, but there are several dirt sections which have been carved out by previous runners. And, yes, there are a couple of slabs of concrete to pound on 😦 Concrete and asphalt pose a challenge, but I grit my teeth and pommel myself through it. I figure I have to run at least a few miles on these surfaces because the race itself will take place mostly on these materials. What is nice about this course, however, is that you get quite a bit of relief along the dirt sections. Oh, one other note of importance – this course has hills!!

I did my shopping early and then drove to the Arboretum, where I parked ialong the main route in one of the side lots. I prepped all of my gear, including a new running belt, which by the way took a little getting used to, but I managed during the first 5 minutes of my run. This belt is different in the fact that instead of one 16 ounce water bottle, it has 4 removable flasks, each capable of holding 4 ounces a piece. It also has a comfy cushioned pouch which hugged my I-phone/GPS quite nicely. When I ran this course a few weeks ago, I did not notice many water sources. They do exist, but you would have to run off the path a few yards to a boathouse, or picnic shelter. In other words, it is not convenient. I figured since I was running a loop, I would fill up a few flasks when I arrived to the lot with my car. It seems that I did not have to, because someone was nice enough to set up big water coolers with cups along the course! (Let me take a moment to say that this particular city is extremely active. It seems that just about everyone is out and about walking, running, biking – anything that gets them outdoors. There is also an incredible appreciation for nature and for one another. To see water coolers set up with cups, trash bags and a note that says “water to drink”, does not truly surprise me. However, here at home, it would be shocking, because this area seems to be motivated by ‘everyone for themselves’!)

As I said, I had all the gear – heart rate monitor, watch, I-Pod, I-Phone/GPS, hat, bug spray and Runner’s ID anklet ready to rock and roll and RUN.  By the way, I chose to run in the late morning/early afternoon, which to be honest, I prefer.  I was hydrated, had some food in the gut and was wide awake.  The weather was overcast and humid, but not the icky, sticky, severe stuff of late.  There were a lot of runners out and about.  It seems I was not the only person enduring a long run.  I saw quiet a few people, quiet a few times!  There were nods, waves, and smiles and three wild turkeys!  Yes, I saw three wild turkeys walk across the drive while in the Arboretum.

My entire run went well.  I ran non-stop for the first 60 minutes.  Then I began the walk 1 minute/ run 10 minute ratio.  Legs, feet, everything felt good till about the last mile and a half.  At this point the ouches began, and it seemed like time and the GPS just stood still.  It almost felt like something out of a science fiction movie – like a tunnel going nowhere.  Fortunately,  9.00 miles popped into view on my phone screen and I was done.  I felt tired, elated, a wee bit sore and thirsty:)  I check all of my gear, which, by the way worked.  Here are the stats:

GPS:  9 miles, 1:47:58

11:59 min/mile

HR monitor:  1:47:49

825 calories

148 bpm for most of run, 151 at the 1:15 mark and 159 on the hills.

resting heart rate – 30 bpm

IM watch:  1:48:02

I was completely thrilled with my running heart rate.  I was also surprised to see my pace, because I really should be running about a 12:10 to 12:20 min/mile.  With this revelation, it seems I am getting stronger and faster, with less cardiovascular stress!!  Plus, it helped that the sky was overcast and it was a little cooler than previous days.   Also, I took a day off on Friday.  I contemplated biking, but the humidity was so severe and the air quality affected my lungs – I have asthma.  With a day off before a long run, I had fresh legs.  (Note to anal self:  Days off are repair days for the physical self – maybe not the psychological self, but for the joints and muscles.  I know this, but taking days off gives me a bad case of the guilt’s.  grrrrrr……)

I spent the rest of my day relaxing.   The only issue that I found difficult to remedy was nausea.  I drank some diluted Gatorade, but I could not eat till later in the evening – around 6pm, in which I had several slices of pizza:)  Fortunately, I enjoyed the pizza only once (if you catch my drift!!).  I am still trying to figure out the nausea conundrum, because I have been experiencing quite a bit lately, especially after running.  It could be the heat/humidity, lack of sleep, my veggie diet – God only knows, but I am able to get through my run workouts without incident.

Yesterday – Sunday – was a day off and a travel day back home.

Began writing:  Saturday 8/14,  Completed writing:  Monday 8/16

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Part 2 of second run of the week and other thoughts

Hello again. In part one, I discussed ‘other thoughts’. Now, I will discuss my run. (Note: This will be a short blog.)

First and foremost, let me just say that today’s workout just sucked. It was not a long run, by any means – it consisted of 5 x 800 meters – with about a 400 meter walk/rest between intervals. There was also a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down. In case you are not certain what 800 meters is in miles, it is .497, or just under a hair of a half mile. You can also round it up and say it is a half mile. By the way, this particular protocol emphasizes speed with a specific time goal that is meant to be maintained throughout each interval. My goal was 4:28 to 4:30.

I mapped out my half mile with a 5 minute warm-up (and the GPS). I stretched a little, got all of the gear in place and began. Again, like the other day, somewhere in the first few minutes of the run, my GPS turned off. So, the first interval was done, but I was clueless as to my time. Also, in the midst of fidgeting with the GPS, I forgot to turn on my heart rate monitor.

My second interval registered, but I could not save the program. During my supposed 400 meter walk, I was trying to figure out why the phone kept saying network error. I figured I would log out of the ap and login again. Somehow this managed to take care of the problem. I did notice that my running time was 4:30 and that my heart rate climbed to about 157 bpm.

The third interval did register and my time was 4:25. Heart rate spiked to 163 bpm. The fourth interval registered, but I began to run out of energy. I took the fifth interval easy.

A few items to note: It was another day of very high humidity and the air quality was bad. My breathing was labored – even during the 5 minute warm-up which to be honest, felt good and I should have probably kept running at that pace. Secondly, the GPS /running ap was a bit frustrating. For some strange reason, the phone screen kept blacking out, which made for quite a bit of difficulty when it came time to press stop at the half mile mark. I am not sure why it was doing this (it did not before) and I really did not want to spend ‘my running time’ playing with gadgets. In hind site, I should have used the GPS to map the course, then walked to the car, put it away and just stick with my faithful heart rate monitor and Ironman watch.

I have a few more weeks before another interval run is planned. Hopefully, by then I will have a clue as to what to do with my gadget of technical wizardry. If not, it will stay in the car.

The end:)

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Monday – week 4

Hello – today is Monday, August 9 – a new day and the start of a new week.  Today also begins week 4 of my half-marathon training, which also means I am about a 1/4 through my program.  Not to sound cliché, but ‘my oh my’ how time flies!

I am enjoying my program thus far – not too stressful and not too harrowing of a time commitment.  I chose this particular protocol because of the fact that I have had a significant amount of time off of rigorous endurance training.  My goal is to train smart and look at the long-term, bigger picture rather than get caught up  in my ego and try to make up for lost time in a very short amount of time.  Some people may think that I am taking the easy way out, but I know my physical abilities and that I can push myself to the outer reaches of my limitations – I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself.  So, in reflection of what I have accomplished thus far, I must say that my training is moving along as planned.  Each week brings a more conditioned body – stronger, leaner, more confident.  I will not lie and say that the only reason as to why I workout and train is because it is good for me – no, it is not.  I am like many people out there in the world – female and male – who is never really content with their bodies and who feels the pressure to maintain a certain ideal – of ‘what’ exactly, God only knows, but we strive for it.

Before I dive into the details of today’s workout, let me chat about yesterday.  Yes, I was supposed to take a day off and, no, I did not.  The plan was to take the hybrid out on the trail for a nice easy sort of bike ride.  Instead, there was rain and some thunder, so I changed my plan and went to the fitness club to row and lift.  I had a nice easy workout – 30 minutes of rowing and then some lifting for the upper body.  As I walked out of the club, it seemed that the weather cleared, the sun came out and, well, I felt compelled to get on my bike – of which I did later in the evening.

I probably should have stuck with the rowing/lifting workout for the day off plan, but I was itching to take the nifty new phone with the nifty GPS/cycling ap on the bike.  Yes, curiosity got the better of me – meaning, I was just dying to get an idea of distances – of past and future rides and runs.  I have been a slave to mile markers for years, but, now, I have a better idea of just how far I have been riding, walking and running.  It was totally, awesome cool. (Yeh, I am beginning to sound like a real geek:)

It was a perfect night for a leisurely bike ride.  I saw two little baby deer complete with lots of  spots, big brown eyes, long black eyelashes and legs that looked like they would snap like a branch in the wind.  There were lots of people fishing, picnicking, a golden retriever that was playing a serious game of fetch in the river with its human family, a beaver swimming and a lot of mosquitos.  I rode a total of 9.25 miles.  I broke a little sweat, and I left the heart rate monitor at home.  I wanted this ride to be more about relaxing and absorbing my surroundings – not a ‘let’s go kick some ass’ kind of workout.

Now moving on to the highlights of today’s workout:  First off, let me just say I have been battling a headache all day.  My sleeping problem imprisoned me last night.  I watched the clock turn over to 3am.  When I finally fell asleep, loud thunder and bright lightning rudely awakened me – at 4:30ish.  I managed to fall back to sleep, but 6:30am arrived and along with it came a blaring alarm.  I managed to function at the office and teach my class, but I have been struggling a bit.  Technically today was a cross training day, but I decided to flip-flop with Tuesday’s run due to the fact that I will not be able to run tomorrow evening.  In a way, I am putting my running program second to something else that is just as important to me (or shall I say someone).  So, I ran and it was good.

The time allotment for this evening’s run was 35 to 45 minutes.  I had set my mind to run 45 minutes.  I ran 40 minutes.  It was good, but it was hard.  Let me divulge the stats, then I will go into more detail:

time: 41:23 (non-stop run for 40 minutes, 1:00 walk at end to check resting heart rate, the final 23 seconds was fidgeting with GPS stats)

heart rate:  was high – 155 bpm for most of the run – did spike at 160 few times

distance:  according to GPS – 3.69 miles  I was originally on a 10:15 pace, but slowed down due to high, high humidity.  The air was extremely thick; made for difficult breathing.

calories: 344

Essentially what made the run difficult was the high humidity.  Just like last Wednesday, the air was so thick with moisture – the heat index was 100 degrees today – even at 6:30pm when I ran.  In addition to the nasty air, the bugs were out and about with a vengeance.  They were slamming into my body – I was running one direction and they were buzzing in the other.  When my run was complete, I was covered in dripping sweat, and dead bugs.  In other words, my body was like a windshield to a car, but I do not think that they died as a result of a head on collision with a speeding car.  Instead, they drowned in my sweat mixed with Deep Woods Off.  YUCK!  Oh! and another thing, I was so sweaty that my running shoes were making sloshing sounds due to my wet socks.  Wet because of sweat – not because of puddle stomping.

In other words, because of the not-so good air quality, I chose to knock off 5 minutes from my planned run and I slowed down.  My pace felt pretty good, but as I got closer to the 20 minute mark, I began to feel my heart rate increase – 160 bpm, the heat radiating off my skin, legs getting a little noodley and my head getting a little woozy, so I backed off a bit – a lot.  One other thing to note:  the sun is setting earlier now – which means the thicker part of the preserve with the dense tree canopies gets dark, almost night-like dark.  With this in mind, I tend to run a little faster and my heart rate increases a bit more due to nerves.  (I carry pepper spray, but still….)

Well, I am getting tired.  It has been a long day – a long, hot day and I am ready go to bed.  Hopefully I will sleep.  If not, it will be another long night.

Monday – 8/9/10

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week 3 – long run

Today’s commitment was 8 miles.  I did it.  I  managed to run 8 miles in 1:34:58.  I must say, this was considerably faster than last week’s pace and I tried to slow down, but was a bit pre-occupied by a GPS.  Okay, let me go back in time and explain what the hell I mean by a GPS…..

As I have blogged in the past, I have been waiting for my new I-Phone 4 to arrive, so that I could utilize the GPS system/application for training.  It arrived this past Friday, just in time for the long run the next day.  The only real problem that I faced was where to put it, exactly.  On my left arm, I wear my I-Pod and my right wrist a heart rate monitor.  On my left wrist, I wear my Timex Ironman watch and around my waist I wear a running belt with a pouch in front and a water bottle on the small of my back.  I figured I would put the phone in my running pouch.  I placed it in a baggy and put a sock in the pouch to keep the phone from jostling around.  I have an older running belt, which has a larger pouch than most current and ergonomic models.  So, with all of this stuff on me (I felt like a robot) I embarked on my 8 mile run.

I have never used a GPS before, so this was an interesting experience – really cool actually.  My phone pinpointed my exact location on the trail.  Also, the running application itself gives you time, pace, duration and elevation.  Along with my heart rate monitor giving me beats per minute and my I-Pod giving me tunes, I was set.  When I started to run, I placed the phone in my pouch, where it stayed undisturbed till I took it out to check distance in relation to a specific tree.  The information given was 1.00 miles.  I was giddy with delight and I noticed my pace, which was a tad too fast – 10:30 – I should be running about a 12:00 mile for long runs – so I adjusted.  I placed the phone back in the pouch (all while running) and went about my business.  When I got to another specific spot on the trail, I checked my miles and, well, NOTHING!!!  Somehow, someway,  something touched the screen of my phone and turned off my running application.  Well, as one can imagine, I was pissed.  Chances are it was my hand that knocked the screen.  There is probably a way to lock the screen during an application which allows the function of the application to continue without disturbing the touchy-feely screen.  I have not figured this out just yet.

After I discovered this issue, I ended up carrying the phone in my hand for the rest of the run.  I re-set the program to start at the place where my run began.  (A note regarding my course – it is a figure 8.  I start in the middle – where there is a drinking fountain and restroom.  I run south, a loop which is 3 miles then run north, a loop that is 2 miles in length.  The 8 mile course is:  run south 3, run north 2, run south 3 = 8 miles!!!)  To summarize, I had the GPS working in my sweaty hand and I got the chance to see distances from certain markers such as stumps, bridges and trees.  When all was said and done, my run looked like this:

Ran a total of 8 miles – 1:34:58  (info on heart rate monitor)

Ran 45 minutes before first 1 minute walk break.  Stayed with a 10:1 ratio for most of the run, except when I filled my water bottle.

Went through 2 full water bottles – 18 ounces x 2

Heart rate stayed consistent in the fact that it did not spike.  It finally settled in the mid 150’s around 40 minutes, where it stayed most of the time.  Recovery heart rate was 30 bpm at walk breaks.

Weather was warm with slight humidity.

Calories burned were 766.

Pace was – 12:17 minute mile – for the 5 miles that the GPS recorded for a duration of 1:01:32

Unrelated fact:  saw a big turtle (about the size of a dinner plate) and a little fawn with it ‘s mom.

I have to say that for a long run it went very well.  My threshold is beginning to extend past one hour.  I really did not feel fatigue or the need to ‘push’ till around 1:20.  It is fun to watch and feel one’s progress as each week passes.  Next week I run 9 miles – I can hardly wait!!!

Saturday, August 7   (posted on Sunday, 8/8)

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