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this ship i sail has no path, no destination ˜

it floats aimlessly

to nowhere.

i navigate alone

with the world as my guide ˜

toward the sunset

on the waves







December 11, 2013 at 4:33 pm 14 comments

swimming through life

Every once in a while, I take a stroll back into the recesses of my blog.  I always find it entertaining and enlightening to see what oozed out of my brain a few years ago.   It is also interesting to see where my mind was ‘spending it’s time’ – the dark basement, upper floors with plenty of windows, in the clouds or in another universe along with dark matter and alien life forms.  Here is a piece I posted on March 8, 2011.  (I have taken the liberty of editing a few bits and pieces.)

Swimming Pool = Water + Lane Lines = Life

‘Life as a swimming pool filled with crystal water and lap lanes framed by lane lines’.

Yes, I know.  It may sound a bit cliché and corny, but for some reason the thought recently entered my mind.  I have spent the better part of two, almost three decades in and around a pool.  I taught water fitness classes, trained for quite a few triathlons, rehabbed countless dance injuries, three knee surgeries and two herniated discs, relieved the discomfort of two pregnancies and countless life traumas – all the while as I was swimming back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  Never once in those thirty years did I ever see a swimming pool as a metaphor of life.  NEVER.

How is it this metaphor came to be to me?  I was composing an email to a friend and trying to find a way to look at life in a more lighthearted manner.  I wanted to clear the heavy and suffocating air with a splash of water – a little something to stimulate the senses, create a little hope and possibly a smile.  Thus popping into my head….

The Swimming Pool –

‘Life is like swimming in a pool’ – no matter how many minutes, laps or miles, one moves back and forth and back and forth and…  It is an activity that only one person can do for themselves.  You can share a lane, even train with a partner or two but, when all is said and done, it must be you that swims the laps.  Practice makes you stronger and prepares you for whatever event you are training for or goal you may seek.  You may have extraordinary swimming days, middle of the road days or just down right horrible days.  The thing is you never really know until you jump in.

Water + Lane Lines –

Where do lane lines enter into this metaphor?  Quite simply they are there – right by your side.  Depending on your exact location in the pool, there may be one or two, but wherever you may be, a lane line will be present.  The purpose for a lane line is really two-fold.  One can think of them as the painted yellow lines on a highway.  They keep you moving along a straight path.  They can also be a kind of life preserver – a life line, so to speak.  When fatigue unexpectedly arises, the line is there to grab hold.  If you are in the middle of a 50 meter or 25 yard pool, the lane line is a welcome sight – a feeling of comfort and assurance.  It can be used as a momentary place to rest or as a tether.  Whatever the case may be, it is there to assist.

The actual lane line itself, can be one of three things – taut, with a little slack and very loose.  A taut lane line is nice, but not good for the actual material itself.  In time, the fibers on the cable strip away and, as a result, become very flimsy and ultimately rendered useless.  If a lane line is too loose, then it floats all over the place due to the current(s) in the water.  It can also become a hindrance, either cutting the width of the lane or widening it.   Anyway you look at it, loose lines make for a ‘swervy’ swim.  Swerving right and left can be very dangerous if you are sharing a lane.  Getting a head butt by an oncoming swimmer can be very dangerous, not to mention painful.  A perfect lane line is adjusted firmly – not too tight but not too loose – just a little give.  I like to think of it as a graceful wave, sort of like breathing, but instead of up and down, the lane line moves right and left.

Life –

Life is the swimming – the workout.  From the beginning to the end, it can be fun, exhausting, horribly trying at times and rewarding.

So, where is it I am going on this tangent?  The lane lines are our family, friends, teachers, confidants, etc…  They are there for guidance and support.  Sometimes they do get in the way – are a bit intrusive or a hindrance.  Then there are times we need or allow the ‘use’ of them – grabbing hold, supporting and/or tethering the way to our final goal or outcome.  There are times when a workout can be very trying and sometimes the unexpected can occur.  One can get overwhelmed, regardless of how accomplished or experienced a swimmer may become.  A cramp can surprise you without the slightest warning and having a lane line by your side to grab hold is truly a life saver.

My Life…

When it comes to swimming, I personally prefer the lane lines that are not too tight or too loose.  I enjoy the swim and try very hard not to use the lines, but I do take comfort in knowing they are there.  I like to know there is a line – a special someone who I can grab hold of in a paralyzing moment of fear or indecision.  I do not require they swim my workout for me. Only I can swim the laps that go back and forth. I do, however, want to trust they are capable of support and can prevent me from drowning…….. falling into that chasm which will prevent me from reaching the other end of the pool, my final goal or inevitably living my life.

September 25, 2013 at 4:30 pm 9 comments

soccer season

a year older

a bit taller

new team

new faces

new uniform

new coach

new field

new goals

new excitement in the air

a new season has begun…

photo 3

second game of the season
not the greatest picture – there will be more to come:)

Oh – by the way – they won.  2-0!

August 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm 6 comments

the chef

during the day

he is a teenager,

doing what teenagers do


by night…

he transforms…

into a master with a spoon.


he slices and he dices,

he folds and he stirs –

along with his many cookbooks

he looks quite de rigueur.


ever since i can remember,

he has had a spoon in his hand –

all the way back

when wearing a diaper…

playing with my many pots and pans.


as my tot sprouted to a kid,

his interest in cuisine continued to grow –

with an evolving palate,

love of chocolate


the explosion of television cooking shows.


with encouragement from yours truly

and a few special friends,

the kitchen became his workshop –

to this young budding chef.


his career began

quite simply

with baking a chocolate cake



he is creating spice rubs –

for grilling a huge slab of steak!


he may still be a teenager,

with his future unknown to us all,


i am thinking this young man with a spoon

will be answering the epicurean call.


in the beginning

in the beginning


the present time

June 14, 2013 at 12:02 am 14 comments

the derby cars

2005 Most CreativeThe Hershey Car

2005 Most Creative
The Hershey Car

this is the time of year

when cub scouts begin to plan,

what to do with a block of pine wood

sitting in the palm of their hands.

2nd Place 2007Bear Cub Scout

2nd Place 2007
Bear Cub Scout
M&M Car

it’s all so very exciting

as their little imaginations begin to run wild,

the possibilities never seem to end

nor do their giggling and wide-eyed smiles!

2nd Place 2007Bear Cub ScoutKildeer Police Car

2nd Place 2007
Webelo II Cub Scout
Kildeer Police Car

on the other hand,

the parents are trying to hide

their nervous twitches

while doing their best –

not to collapse under the pressure


their little one’s high expectations.

mandm car with trophy   kildeer car and trophy

the scouts work along side their adult

trying to create what it is they have envisioned,

while keeping in mind

the guidelines

that have been set forth

to accomplish this mission.

building the police car

building the police car with Bill

much goes in to planning

a pinewood derby car –

the size,

the weight,

the theme –

but what’s most important

to the cub scout

– you see –

is how cool it looks when



April 4, 2013 at 2:36 am 4 comments

you and the water

up early before the sun rises

standing over the body of water,


tension running thru her body, soon to be erased

tension running thru her body, soon to be power

as she enters the body of energy

feeling one with mind, body & soul

all cares are forgotten, troubles are gone

reborn in the maker’s fountain

held once again.

Ironman Wisconsin 2006

Ironman Wisconsin 2006

April 3, 2013 at 1:39 am 9 comments

it = life = it

“Life is what we make it”

– a phrase I saw somewhere today,

which immediately had me thinking –

what is IT exactly trying to say?


I asked IT and this is what IT said:


eat much less, workout more

hope more, worry less

cry less, laugh more

be more happy, be mad less

hate less, love more

think more, think less….


listen with your head, not with your heart

listen to your heart, not always with your head

remember the good stuff, do not dwell on the bad stuff

remember the bad stuff, learn from your mistakes


let things go and embrace change.


SO, if I try to do a lot of this


I try to do a lot of that –

the IT that I am trying to make

should resemble an IT full of incredible bliss. 



In conclusion,

it seems to me that life

  is clueless

as to what IT wants to make –

IT is way too busy engaging

in a game of give and take!

March 31, 2013 at 9:31 pm 20 comments

a crumb

after a year of so much loss & change;
riddled with tears & doubt,
i have been asking lots of questions –
trying to figure all sorts of things out.
it seems that all i do is
& ask
& ask
& ask
& in return all i seem to get
are lots of challenges
a very,
rocky path.
i realize this is how life works –
one hurdle at a time,
along with many twists & turns
& much uncertainty lurking about.
it seems to me there must be some clarity
one can find somewhere –
a crumb of sorts which falls from the sky
or a mysterious voice humming through the air.
Yes, a thought, a silly thought
which bounces back & forth –
in a mind that just wants answers
even a tiny crumb
would be of some worth!

March 26, 2013 at 1:10 am 10 comments

too many ?’s





so many questions

i have barely a clue.


i never know why.

i never know where.

i never know when.

i never know who.


all i want are answers,

even if only a few.


to know why i am here,

why things are the way they are,

to grasp some sense of purpose

and to find a place for my heart.


to know where i am

in this life that i lead,

to know where i am going

and what i might see.


to know when i will find answers

to these questions i have,

so i can continue walking

along on this path.


to know who i am

this person inside,

to accept the ‘me’

that i am trying to hide.


so many questions…

will i ever have a clue?

where are we going?

where are we going?

March 25, 2013 at 12:34 am 22 comments

make it so…

one day i will
wake up,
feel free –
until then
i will try and make it so.
one day i will
know where i am going –
until then
i will try and make it so..
one day i will
shed the mask –
until then
i will try and make it so…
one day i will
like what i see in the mirror –
until then
i will try and make it so….
one day i will
see hope inside –
until then
i will try and make it so…..
one day i will
trust again –
until then
i will try and make it so……
one day i will
love the person that i am –
until then
i will try and make it so……

March 24, 2013 at 12:51 am 12 comments

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