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jump off



this ship is sinking





to swim faster




i must





July 31, 2014 at 3:11 pm 18 comments

The Tech Guy!



he may lead the big parade ~

sew a snap on Scooby Doo


need to change out a sound board in a flash ~


most of the time he is doing what he loves~~~~~~~~

filming, editing






peek a boo!



so serious…


Introducing…my son… Jordan!

the Film/Media Tech extraordinaire

at Six Flags Great America


he is sooo official:)




July 29, 2014 at 5:00 pm 11 comments

life metaphor #1

  it shoots up

 frees fall down

it goes around and around    ∞ …..  ∞  …..                                                                                                                                                                  


it loops and curves   ξ  …  ξ ….  ξ  ….                                    



sputters and jerks . . …. … ˆ ..  .. ˆ … … ˆ . ..  . •

there is never a dull moment

on a roller coaster ride –

where the only rules are

to hold tight


let the rails be your guide!

To my pnut  – Jordan

July 4, 2013 at 1:47 am 16 comments

a crossroad

It is a fairly routine Sunday morning – cold, snow on the ground, overcast with periods of sunshine.  Sydnee is doing the thing she does best – sleeping on her couch. The boys are with their dad – most probably gearing up for the impending Super Bowl.  Myself  – I am sitting at my desk playing a game of ‘catch up’.  I am reading, organizing spreadsheets and paperwork, writing – all the while listening to strains of a playlist filtering through the speakers of my computer.

In the midst of everything, I am trying to navigate a path that has approached an intersection; a crossroad where, as Merriam-Webster would define as a “crucial point especially where a decision must be made”.  I am standing in the middle of two roads – a dead-end, really.  I cannot make a u-turn and backtrack to where I came from; I have to choose between turning right or left, and to be perfectly honest, I am torn as to which direction I should follow.

There is a choice to be made and I suppose, for this, I should be grateful.  I am.  But I am so petrified of the outcome and whether or not I can live with  the consequences.  The final product.  An end result that either way will affect people I deeply care for and respect.

I realize I may sound cryptic but it is all rather simple, though the boundaries are quite blurry.  I must choose between obligation & loyalty and what is rational & sensible. There is nothing immoral involved in either one of these two choices.  I have analyzed both and made a list of the pros and cons.  Neither one is perfect and neither one is wrong.  So what do I do?  Life is a game of chance right?  We take a chance, make a choice and hope for the best?  Sounds elementary doesn’t it?

By tomorrow, I have to make a choice that only I, by myself, can make.  However, it is I and my seemingly twisted logic that is standing in my way.  I have to think less, obsess less and just do itRIGHT?

‘Sunrise outside my office door’

the beginning of another day at work.............

the beginning of many more
the beginning of the final few


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“Wear nice pants, shirt, tie & ——–

dress shoes and check for wrinkles.”

Last week Jordan turned 18 and this week, in less than 12 hours he has his first job interview and maybe by tonight, THE FIRST EVER JOB! I am overwhelmed:)

When I first heard the news, I gave him advice on appropriate dress attire. After I received an “Oh Mom”, I proceeded to tell him that I am his mother and that I am entitled to give him the “It is important to make a good first impression” lecture on such an important occasion. Jordan then proceeded to ask me if this was “baby book material”? I, of course, said “Yes”. (Yeh, yeh, yeh, I know what y’all are thinking and yes, I do keep track of these milestones in the book – The Baby Book.)

Ever since I can remember, Jordan has only wanted one job – to work in a movie theater. In knowing my son as I do, this makes perfect sense. An aspiring movie director/producer sweeping the aisles of popcorn and empty candy boxes and getting paid for it? It is without a doubt a marriage made in heaven!!!!

How did this passion transpire? Jordan was 3 years old when his dad took him to see his first movie on the big screen – “The Little Mermaid”. I wish I could have seen his face when the lights faded, the curtain opened and the projector switched to ON. Peyton was still a newborn at the time, so I had to stay home, but I do remember the look in his eyes when he returned. My son was never quite the same. His fascination with anything movie-related was born and it has remained to this day.

Jordan learned how to read by looking at the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday movie section. He began collecting each issue and if there was a review released on a Thursday, he had to have that one, as well. In 2000, I subscribed to Entertainment Weekly magazine and have been a faithful customer ever since. Jordan has kept each issue, all of which are packed in big Rubbermaid containers – many, many containers. He has a mini library of movie trivia books, posters and has kept every ticket stub. He even has a 5 1/2′ OSCAR made of coroplast, which stands in his room. How I managed to get my hands on this particular item is a unique story in itself. Let me just say, it was worth carrying the big thing along the Las Vegas strip on a very windy day.

I have so many recollections of attending movies with my boys, but my absolute favorite memory takes me back to 2003 when Jordan begged me to stay awake for the Oscars. This was the year Chicago won Best Picture. He was 8 years old at the time and it was a school night. I told him he could stay up and watch the entire show, but only if he had taken his bath, brushed his teeth and was ready for bed the moment Best Picture was revealed. When the pre-show started, Jordan was planted on the couch with his EW Oscar edition magazine, the Trib’s Oscar ballot, a pen, blanket and his stuffed baby ‘Floppy’. Peyton was there on the opposite end of the couch, where he proceeded to fall asleep after the first half hour of the show. Jordan never once removed himself from the couch; he was mesmerized. It wasn’t until the last 45 minutes of the show that I saw his eyelids begin to struggle, but he did it! Since this night, there have been 9 Oscar ceremonies and another is quickly approaching. Jordan is preparing…….

I am very excited for my son and hopeful that he gets his dream job. Jordan is a very bright, well-spoken young man and I believe there is a good chance he will be ripping tickets this weekend. Who knew that 15 years ago “The Little Mermaid” would inspire such aspirations?

We do take our movies seriously…………..

TRON in 3D

TRON in 3D

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows7/19/2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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