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I am having the wonderful pleasure of collaborating with my incredibly talented Kindred co-poets… the chosen topic is death and we have been tagging each other along the way. The words in italics originated in the poem before this particular one. Each poem is connected yet, can stand alone…

Kindred Words


the devil within

needn’t go too far

to find

a new twin which stumbles behind…

it’s a matter of time,

the definitive moment,

the point when nothing


seems to matter.

no more purpose to explore.

no more confidence to exude.

it’s a cesspool of shame, self-hatred and fear.

each day a little deeper.

each day a little closer.

each day

one more stumble

toward one’s final destination –


the devil is fickle with

a sick sense of humor,

a hunger for pain

and a taste for blood


he observes each stumble, each fall and preys

on its victim

waving a smile and a blade.



arriving today

or tomorrow,

may be,

or next week, next month or the following year ~

the agent of death will continue to play

and control the rules of life’s

everyday games.



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